The Plot

So these three twenty-somethings, Esther, Alice and Tash, have wound up working for fictional, Buzzfeed-esque website ViraLOL.

They spend their whole time rehashing whatever's trending that morning, making nonsense quizzes (example: How many times have you seen a cup since the 2012 Olympics?)

One day the IT guy Alex, after repeatedly trying to tell Esther 'something he had discovered', stops showing up to work.. and then disappears.

After much debate, they decide to go to his house and find it in a state of disarray. They follow what they believe to be clues left by Alex, and uncover that ViraLOL are collecting the data for the quizzes and sending it onto a shady third company without their permission.

Believing this to be an infringement of the data protection act, and desperate for the chance to write a proper story, Tash publishes their findings on her anonymous blog. They are immediately followed by an unidentified armed gang and forced to go on the run, with no idea how to actually go about going on the run. 

Finding themselves in a warehouse, hounded by totally crazy theories ("I've got it! They're selling data to bees because bees are going to be extinct!" "Alice that's mad, bees don't have the capacity to store that amount of data") and having just thrown their phones down a drain they realise they may have gone too far. They decide to speak to the management at ViraLOL to get some perspective. It is explained away easily, and they feel really stupid. 


Six months later, Alice goes missing. And the clues they found in the Alex's home link up. Looking at her computer history, it's ViraLOL quizzes and references to a medical testing camp. Actually, they can barely read it for all the pop-ups for the flu camp. 

Determined to find Alice, Tash and Esther enlist the help of some hackers who are able to help them track her down - along the way, uncovering the real reason she's been taken:

ViraLOL have been selling the data to a pharmaceutical company, who use quizzes to find specific personality traits among Generation Y: susceptible individuals, fantasists, those with high imagination thresholds, and responders to 'what they found behind this door will blow your mind' clickbait.

High results in any of these categories results in heavily targeted advertising to sign up to a very attractive medical flu camp.

In the local trial phases, these individual are told they have an extremely rare genetic mutation, the only example in the world, a blood type that could save millions of lives. They are made to believe they are humanity's only hope for survival in the impending antibiotics crisis, in order to get their consent for unapproved, life-threatening, Phase 1 medical testing. 

In reality, there are hundreds of these 'volunteers', all kept separate from each other; allowing the large scale rapid human medical testing deemed necessary by the government.

Now Esther and Tash just have to get Alice out of a research facility,  with no skills whatsoever, as well as expose a national conspiracy, of which they have no proof.




Find out using this one weird trick...