Who are Massive Dad and Why?

                            L to R: Tessa Coates, Stevie Martin, Liz Kingsman

                            L to R: Tessa Coates, Stevie Martin, Liz Kingsman

Massive Dad are a sketch group comprised of: 

Stevie Martin/United Agents  @5tevieM

Tessa Coates/United Agents  @TessaCoates

Liz Kingsman/United Agents  @LizKingsman

We have two critically acclaimed sell-out Edinburgh Fringe shows under our belt - our debut 'Massive Dad' and the high pressure second show 'Massive Dad 2.0: Step Up 2 Massive Dad'.

They both went surprisingly well and here is some evidence of that:

'This energetic, well-paced show is packed with properly hilarious, inventive sketches' ★★★★ The Scotsman

'They really have stepped up to the challenge of following up a successful debut' ★★★★ The List

'Tightly-written and exceptionally executed stuff' ★★★★ Fest

Currently we are working on our foray into the world of television, as well joining forces with fellow sketch comedians Lazy Susan and Birthday Girls for a series of mash-up shows under the guise of supergroup Massive Lazy Girls.

Massive Lazy Girls sold out the 400-seater Underbelly cow on London's Southbank, as well as two runs at the Soho Theatre and now goes to this years Edinburgh Fringe for a limited 5 night run at the Pleasance Courtyard.

Check out our United Agents page for more info on our professional activities or head to our twitter for more information on our day to day whereabouts and regular retweets of everyone's favourite interior designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen.

Really great people...

AKA Honorary Dads: 

Idil Sukan, Josh Clayton, Jo Williams, Inez Gordon, Danny Turner, Jim Archer, Lexie SportAlistair James Holloway, Turtle Canyon, Ryan Taylor and The Pleasance, Jonathan Monkhouse, Claire Pinegar, Adam Brace