5 signs this is a good idea


1. Massive Dad are all journalists, or at least they write things on the internet. They've worked in those offices, they've written those lists, they've built those quizzes.

2. Because Massive Dad are an established comedy group, who have written and performed together for years, the realistic, comically rich dynamic between the girls is at the core of this script.  We're essentially going on a journey with three friends who were already failing to tackle life as young professionals, before they went and got themselves involved in a underground government conspiracy. 

3. It's modern and relevant. It’s about Generation Y who are more compassionate and more sceptical than their predecessors. But they also require constant validation and seek approval from their peers online. They also do online quizzes constantly - so this takes a big theme (online privacy) and makes it relatable (that quiz you're doing is collecting your data for a sinister purpose). 

4. But it also stands out from other millennial comedies, because it has a bigger, more thrilling, edge-of-your-seat narrative that keeps viewers coming back. It's a comedy thriller, with a heavy commitment to the thriller. As the series progresses and the girls get more embroiled in things they don't understand, it becomes darkly funny as well as genuinely exciting. There may be a gun involved. 

5. The central premise is steeped in fact - we are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, and unless research produces an alternative within the next decade, we'll be plunged into a medical crisis unlike anything we've seen before. Read about it here and here